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Nous contacter

Crédit Agricole de la Touraine et Poitou is proud to provide an English speaking service for clients in our region.

Where can you find us? You can make an appointment with our team in these branches:

  • Poitiers : 05 49 00 06 46
  • Civray : 05 49 97 11 36
  • L’Isle Jourdain : 05 49 83 32 17
  • Montmorillon : 05 49 83 32 22

What could our service do for you?

Useful numbers

  • Loss/theft of chequebook : 09 69 39 92 91
  • Loss/theft of bank card : 09 69 39 92 91
  • Pacifica claims line : 08 00 81 08 12 or (+33) 1 40 25 58 48 from outside of France
  • Pacifica legal insurance : 08 00 81 38 10 or (+33) 2 35 59 42 78 from outside of France
  • Mastercard assistance : 01 45 16 65 65
  • Visa assistance : 09 69 32 10 03

Everyday banking

We know life keeps you busy. Our tailor-made compte à composer accounts provide you with the services that you need. Your adviser is there to help you set up and manage your accounts.

Compte à composer

The base is made up of essential services for your current account.

You can choose to add different modules according to your needs:

  • Maitrise du découvert : if you need an overdraft facility.
  • Compte Sécurisé : insures your means of payment.
  • Suivi @ssuré : insurance of online purchases and payment alerts.
  • Budget assurances : helps cover your insurance premiums in the event of an ‘accident of life’.
  • Epargne pilotée : automatically transfers excess funds to your savings.

Easy ways to pay

Contactless debit card

  • Paylib entre amis : Pay your friends simply with their French mobile number.
  • Paylib with Ma Carte app : Use your phone to make purchases both in shops and online.
  • Direct debits : Complete the mandate given by your service provider and send them your bank details.
  • Bank transfers : A written request is needed if we do this for you.
  • Mobile banking : Always have your bank to hand.

CA bank card

You can spend your money when and where you like worldwide.
CA bank cards come with assistance and travel insurance. You can choose between direct debit and deferred debit.

Which card best suits my needs?

Need Insurance ?
Piece of mind for you and your family. Streamline your banking and insurance admin by keeping them under the same roof.


Credit Agricole is one of the largest insurance providers in France through our insurance company Pacifica.
House and contents insurance Get a quote
Legal protection Find out more
 Car insurance Get a quote
Travel Insurance Find out more
Pet Insurance Find out more
Telesurveillance Find out more

Credit Agricole is one of the largest insurance providersin France through our insurance company Pacifica.

Opt for e-statements

We know that you are often out and about. Your e-statements can be accessed wherever you are and also help reduce the use of paper and protect our planet.


  • Available 24/7
  • Same legal value as paper statements
  • Free of charge
  • Fully secure


How do I sign up ?

  1. Access your account on-line
  2. On the left column, in the « e-Documents » section, click on « Gestion »
  3. Follow the instructions

Want to save ?

Whatever your plans, we have a savings account adapted to your needs.

I live in France and file a French income tax return

  • Livret A instant access
  • Livret d’épargne populaire, subject to your level of income
  • Livret de Développement Durable et Solidaire instant access
  • Compte sur Livret instant access
  • PEL (similar to an ISA to buy)
  • Ordinary share accounts
  • Assurance vie
  • Plan d’épargne en actions

I live in the UK or I live in France but do not file a French income tax return

  • Livret A instant access
  • Compte sur Livret instant access
  • PEL (similar to an ISA to buy)
  • Ordinary share accounts


On becoming a Crédit Agricole mutual shareholder (sociétaire), you also become more than just a client and can benefit from exclusive advantages and offers.

Why become a mutual shareholder ?

Being a Crédit Agricole mutual shareholder means being more than a client. You become a user and a co-owner of your bank by holding shares in a Local Caisse.

You will also be invited to the Annual General Meeting during which mutual shareholders, employees and directors exchange ideas, vote on financial results and elect the representatives on the Board of the Caisse.

Shares that you hold in your Local Caisse also earn interest and depending on your situation can be a good investment.

What are the benefits of having a mutual shareholder bank card ?

Each time you use your Gold mutual shareholder card, you receive a 0,10€ bonus towards to the cost of next year’s card PLUS 0,01€ is donated by the bank on your behalf towards the development of local projects. 


What is  ? 

The CAvantages programme rewards loyal client mutual shareholder with exclusive offers and invitations.


How can I access the list of advantages in my area ?


Go to the « ESPACE SOCIETAIRES » or click here

When you are out and about, use the mobile banking app Ma Banque, just click on Mes Avantages in the main menu.

How to open an account ?

What do I need to open an account What do I need to open an account ?

To open an account in one of our branches you will need :

  • Your passport, national identity card or residence permit
  • And a utility bill (gas, electricity, telephone (land line or box)) < 3 months
  • Or energy provider payment schedule < 1 year
  • Or your French income tax notice or last French income tax declaration < 1 year
  • Or your last council tax or property tax notice < 1 year


Plus, if you are not a French fiscal resident :

  • Your last avis d'imposition / P60

Call us on +33 (0)5 49 00 06 46
Send us a request
Use « Ma Banque » app in French, download the app
Switching service : Since 2017 the Macron law has simplified switching direct debits