Why choose Crédit Agricole ?

Why choose Crédit Agricole ?

By choosing Crédit Agricole, you’re choosing the leading local bank in France. The group’s 39 regional bank cooperatives are an integral part of their local communities, with over 7,000 branches. By choosing Crédit Agricole, you’re also choosing a European group with a global presence in over 70 countries.

How can Crédit Agricole help you ?

Crédit Agricole offers solutions for all of your banking and financial needs, including :
- day-to-day living in France (e.g., accounts, bank cards),
- mortgages and personal loans (e.g., free quotations, banking solutions),
- savings and investments,
- personal and property insurance.

Prepare your meeting !

All you need to open a bankaccount in France is :
• A valid passport,
• A bill dating 3 months maximum(gas, water or gas),
• A telephone bill dating 3 months maximum.
For British resident :
• A council tax bill with statementand Pay slips for British resident.